NCIS Bang art for Elbeeinthewild's 'Turning the Page'

Pairings: None
Rating: Gen
Length: 13,686
Spoilers: Spoilers for S12 finale arc and several S13 episodes.
Warnings: AU, Some strong language. Alternate Tony exit story. Consider this story AU shortly after the events of "Charade". Note: While I wouldn't call it character bashing, the Gibbs as written here is very much the angry, impatient, sullen character we saw so much of in S13. If that bothers you, you've been warned.

Summary: Tony receives a surprise late-night visitor who brings unwelcome news about the return of an enemy and a potential threat to those closest to him. The news and realization that it's time to move out of Gibbs’ shadow set the wheels in motion for his departure from NCIS. But first, a round of goodbyes and a confrontation with Gibbs that's been put off for far too long.

It was wonderful to be a small part of elbeeinthewild's first story! Hopefully the first of many more. Thank you to jacie for modding this challenge - the fandom is enriched because of it.

To see more wonderful Bang stories, visit the ncis_bang community.

Cover art:

turning the page02.jpg

NCIS Bang Art for Proseac's 'Eagle'

Title: Eagle
Author: proseac
Pairings: None
Rating: K+
Length: ~40,500 words
Spoilers: Set in summer between Seasons 11 & 12
Warnings: Some strong language, references to violent imagery
Summary: When a Marine Lt. Colonel turns up dead on an Arlington, VA golf course, NCIS is called in to investigate. Gibbs and his team link the case to a cold file, and realize they've got a serial killer on their hands. The investigation takes multiple twists and turns, but it all somehow revolves around 'Eagle', a homeless vet and former Marine sniper, frequently seen hanging around the golf course. Is he a witness, a suspect...or the next victim?

Artist's Notes: It was a pleasure to create cover art for Proseac's lovely story! I am sure you will really enjoy it! Thank you, once again, to jacie for modding this challenge!

"Eagle" may be found here:

To see more wonderful Bang stories, visit the ncis_bang community.

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Big Bang Art for fulltobursting/unilocular's Fifteen Minutes to Midnight

Title: Fifteen Minutes to Midnight
Author: fulltobursting aka unilocular
Artist: hinky_hippo
Summary: In the midst of a case, Tim and Tony are at each others' usual. But when a routine interview takes a potentially deadly turn, they both learn the true meaning of friendship.
Length: 29k words, 9 chapters with an epilogue
Genre: Gen
Rating: Strong Teen
Spoilers/Warnings: General spoilers up to 12x10: House Rules. General violence, whump, bad language, and lots of movie references.

I was absolutely thrilled to snag fulltobursting's Bang story! I love how she portrays the Tim & Tony dynamic. It is everything I expected! We collaborated together for this year's Reverse Bang, and I am so pleased to work with her again! *beams*

Thanks so much to solariana for once again modding this challenge. The fandom is richer for it!

Her story may be found here: LJ | AO3 | FFN

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Tooth & Claw for gibbstonysbabe (Part 1)

Title: Tooth & Claw
Author: hinky_hippo
Written for: gibbstonysbabe
Prompt used: AU version of our NCIS peeps with Tony and Gibbs in the forefront
Genre: G/D slash
Category: First Time, Supernatural
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: Not mine - Boo!
Summary: tag to the episode, Chimera

Author's note: Many, many thanks to as524, bluefirebird, and slipstreamfcr for their help, support, and encouragement.

Special thanks to
sinfulslasher for modding this challenge! It has been a very long time since I have written something, often dropping out of challenges and allowing my art to speak for me instead. This committment was the added push I guess I needed, and receiving gibbstonysbabe's prompt was extra special, because she is one of my favorite people in this fandom. (I hope you notice I squeaked in under the deadline!)

I hope you all enjoy it. :)

Tooth & Claw copy.jpg

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